Joe, Iluka (April 2015)
"I have been home vege patching for over 20 years with varying success.  This year I built raised garden beds and filled with your vege mix; all I can say is that since this change in real soil I'm having incredible results. Never have I seen such large active earthworms teaming in my soil & unbelievable vege growth of better than market quality.  I also filled some 200 ltr grow bags and grew sweet potatoes in the same soil.  On Monday I harvested 16 kg of sweet potatoes - some were so huge I was blown away.  The high quality of this special blend of soil is incredible and the results are nothing more than mind blowing.  Glad I found you guys; your service and knowledge is A1, you have one very happy and satisfied customer here.  Keep up the good work and thankyou for being part of the new found joy I'm getting out of my garden."